Give the gift that gets deivered! Your favorite seafood lover will truely appreciate the high quality fresh seafood we deliver directly to their door every month.
  1. Gift Certificate

    Product Details:

    Give the gift they want. A gift card from ShopFreshSeafood makes the perfect gift. •Arrives with your personal message in a special gift envelope. •Free delivery with our standard delivery (5-7 business days). •For faster delivery, we can send an ecard. Just email us with directions at •Can be redeemed online or by phone. Purchase in increments of $25.00. (for example 2=$50.00 3=$75.00 etc.) We will write up the card with total amount. 10% off first time orders does not apply to Gift Certificates or ecards
    Price: $25.00
    Gift Certificate
  2. Sink your teeth into...Scallop and Shrimp Package

    Product Details:

    Each package includes 2 lbs of our Freshest Scallops, 2 lbs of our Shrimp, and a complimentary jar of marmelade (while supplies last)

    Give your friend or loved ones or better yet, yourself the gift of amazing seafood with this delectable shrimp and scallops package. Perfect for an appetizer or entree!

    Scallops and Shrimp make a good team. Easy and fast to prepare, this is a sweet deal! ShopFreshSeafood has teamed up with Artisanal jam producer Eleanor’s Best this Summer Season!

    Eleanor’s Best makes a wonderful seafood glaze, dip, or marinade. See our Blog Lured Fresh with Michael-Ann Rowe for a great recipe idea!

    Price: $83.00
    2lbs of Scallops, 2lbs of shrimp, and a complimentary jar of marmelade (while supplies last)
  3. Surf and Surf

    Product Details:

    Not sure what to cook for dinner? How about Surf and Surf? The Surf and Surf special includes one pound of our famous Sea Scallops and Four South African Lobster Tails!

    . You can use the Scallops as an appetizer and have a Lobster Entrée or even, prepare and serve them together. It’s up to you! In this package you will receive dinner for Four. We also have included two recipes for preparation ideas. Be sure to let us know what you had for dinner

    Can’t get enough of these sea treasures? Go to the custom order page to request more.

    Price: $110.00
    Scallops and Tails
  4. Seafood of the Month Club

    Product Details:

    A parcel of fresh seafood makes an extraordinary gift for your favorite seafood Lover!

    A three month subscription of fresh seafood will be sent directly to- yourself, your friends, family or loved ones. Arriving directly from NY's Fulton Fish Market your packages will be delivered once a month for 3 consecutive months. Selections depend on what is freshest and in season during your delivery period, or you can contact us and request your seafood lovers favorites.

    Packages typically feed 3-5 and are delivered within the second week of each month. We will, of course alert you and the recipient of a delicious delivery before it's sent.

    *If you would like a longer subscription we also offer a 6 and 12 month membership, please contact a ShopFresh representative.

    As always our seafood selections are chosen by hand by our expert staff

    See our blog for recipe ideas and fun facts!

    Price: $290.00
    A seafood lovers dream; The Seafood of the Month Club!

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