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    Are you a seasoned half-shell connoisseur? Then you are well aware of the deliciously prized and coveted Kumamoto Oysters. Boasting nicknames such as ‘The Perfect Oyster’ and 'The Chardonnay of Oyster', these take several years to grow but their firm buttery texture and luscious fruity flavor make the wait absolutely worth it.

    Because they spawn later and in warmer water than other oysters, they also remain firm and sweet with light brininess well into the summer months. Kumamotos are cultivated on the west coast in the Pacific Ocean. The name Kumamoto is so valued that Kumamotos are always labeled as such.

    Given its popularity to oyster connoisseurs, they are highly cultivated and are most often a rare find at everyday oyster bars. So why not stay in, impress your dinner guests with the valued Kumamoto name, and ship 'The Perfect Oyster' straight to your door instead?


    Price: $280.00
    120 (10 Dozen) Fresh Oysters

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