Striped Bass Fillet

Price: $19.00

2 fillets, hand cut.

Product Details:

Buy from ShopFresh and receive 2 fillets. Each bass fillet weighs about 4 ½ oz.

Fresh Hybrid Striped bass is a cross between wild striped bass and white bass. The clean waters of North Carolina are the best place to yield this delicate flavor. Keeping the water in outstanding condition is what makes our striped bass so good. Free of PCB’s our striped bass is loved by chefs for its delicate and mild flavor. Hybrid striped bass has a translucent pink meat that turns white when cooked thoroughly.

Your fresh striped bass fillets will arrive in packs of 2 which have been handpicked and hand filleted. We take care of the dirty work so you can enjoy a delicious, fresh fish fillet delivered straight to your door.

Follow our step-by-step guide to perfectly prepared striped bass when you order today!

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