Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery

Order from ShopFresh and receive your purchase via FedEx within 24 business hours. There is a FedEx surcharge of an additional $20.00 for Saturday deliveries. Click here for more details.  

Privacy & Security

Personal information will not be shared. Our site is protected and secure.


Freshness Guaranteed

  1. If your order arrives anything but fresh please contact us. We will not accept returns but we will be happy to provide you with a refund.


  1. Customer Service hours are 7am EST. - 2pm EST. Our phone number is 718-842-8850 or you can always contact us via email at or in the "Contact Us" on the homepage. Please make sure to include your name, a way to reach you and any other vital information so that we may respond as quickly as possible. 


  1. Our shipping containers are suitable for shipping purposes only. They are not suitable to store your products in. Please make sure to unpack and store your products in the refrigerator as quickly as possible upon receipt.


Payment, Pricing & Promotions

  1. Payment- We accept all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Your credit card payment must be approved before we can ship your order.


  1. Pricing- We reserve the right to choose the price. We offer a fair market value for all products.


  1. Promotions- One must enter a valid promotional code to receive the promotional value. Terms are subject to change. We reserve the right to change terms at any time without notice.